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The Harris County Criminal Courts at Law assess recidivism rates for defendants who were convicted of a first offense DWI and who had no previous criminal conviction in Harris County. Studies are conducted at a minimum of three years after the date of conviction. Defendants in the first population defined for these studies were convicted in 2001.

These studies include measures of recidivism relative to

  • Judgment Category (Jail/Fine vs. Probation)
  • Defendant Age
  • Time Lapse to Second Offense
  • Offense Category of Second Offense

DWI Recidivism Studies for the Criminal Courts

Cases Filed in 2001

Cases Filed in 2002

Cases Filed in 2003

Cases Filed in 2004

Cases Filed in 2005

Cases Filed in 2006

Comparison of Recidivism Measures: 2001-06

Court Directory

Judge Alex Salgado, Court 1

Judge Paula Goodhart, Court 2

Judge Leslie R. Johnson, Court 3

Judge Shannon Baldwin, Court 4

Judge David M. Fleischer, Court 5

Judge Kelley Andrews, Court 6

Judge Andrew A. Wright, Court 7

Judge Erika Ramirez, Court 8

Judge Toria J. Finch, Court 9

Judge Juanita A. Jackson, Court 10

Judge Sedrick T. Walker, II, Court 11

Judge Genesis E. Draper, Court 12

Judge Raul Rodriguez, Court 13

Judge Jessica N. Padilla, Court 14

Judge Tonya Jones, Court 15

Judge Darrell Jordan, Court 16

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