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Resources on the Web

Harris County Crime Victim Services
provided by the Harris County Justice Information Management System

These web pages include an on-line Incident and Offense Inquiry service to answer questions such as :

Is the defendant in the Harris County jail?

If the defendant is in the Harris County jail, when will he/she be released?

This inquiry provides information about court settings and case dispositions.
(Using this inquiry requires an Offense/Incident Number or a Cause Number).

Texas Attorney General's Office

Crime Victim Services

The Office of the Attorney General serves victims of crime by administering the Compensation to Victims of Crime Fund and related grants, and by offering training and outreach programs.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Victim Services Division

The TDCJ Victim Services Division is dedicated to providing direct, personal service to victims and their families.

General Information
Cases in the County Criminal Courts

Harris County Criminal Courts at Law Alternative Plan for the Indigent Fair Defense Act (S.B. 7)

Class A and B Misdemeanor Bail Shchedule

Frequently Asked Questions about Deferred Adjudication Non-Disclosure Procedures (District Attorney's Office)

Cases in the Justice of the Peace Courts

Criminal Cases (Class C misdemeanors)

Bad Check Cases