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Harris County 1910 Courthouse
Harris County 1910 Courthouse

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Judge Paula Goodhart, Court 1
Judge Bill Harmon, Court 2
Judge Natalie C. Fleming, Court 3
Judge John Clinton, Court 4
Judge Margaret Harris, Court 5
Judge Larry Standley, Court 6
Judge Pam Derbyshire, Court 7
Judge Jay Karahan, Court 8

Judge Analia Wilkerson, Court 9
Judge Dan Spjut, Court 10
Judge Diane Bull, Court 11
Judge Robin Brown, Court 12
Judge Don Smyth, Court 13
Judge Mike Fields, Court 14
Judge Jean Spradling Hughes, Court 15
Judge Linda Garcia, Court 16

Judge Clyde Leuchtag, Court 1
Judge Theresa Chang, Court 2
Judge Linda Storey, Court 3
Judge Roberta Lloyd, Court 4

Judge Loyd Wright, Court 1
Judge Mike Wood, Court 2
Judge Rory R. Olsen, Court 3
Judge Christine Butts, Court 4