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SOBER Court is designed to increase public safety and reduce long-term costs to the criminal justice system and the community through intense supervision utilizing a multi-disciplinary, team effort. The goal is to break the cycle of addiction and reduce repeat DWI offenses with treatment and rehabilitation of participants through a process of accountability, frequent drug testing, education, substance abuse treatment, sanctions and incentives designed to promote long-term sobriety, accountability and productive lifestyles.

Judge Sedrick Walker, Judge Shannon Baldwin, Judge Genesis E. Draper, Judge Raul Rodriguez, Judge Alex Salgado

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Court Directory

Judge Alex Salgado, Court 1

Judge Ronnisha Bowman, Court 2

Judge Erica Hughes, Court 3

Judge Shannon Baldwin, Court 4

Judge David M. Fleischer, Court 5

Judge Kelley Andrews, Court 6

Judge Andrew A. Wright, Court 7

Judge Franklin Bynum, Court 8

Judge Toria J. Finch, Court 9

Judge Lee Harper Wilson, Court 10

Judge Sedrick T. Walker, II, Court 11

Judge Genesis E. Draper, Court 12

Judge Raul Rodriguez, Court 13

Judge David L. Singer, Court 14

Judge Tonya Jones, Court 15

Judge Darrell Jordan, Court 16

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