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Civil Department: 713-274-0600

Check Department: 713-274-0625

Traffic Department: 713-274-0590

Weddings: 713-274-0595

Staff Directory

Sis Woodruff
Chief Clerk

Regina Brown
Assistant Chief Clerk
Criminal Division

Cheneca Tate
Assistant Chief Clerk
Civil Division

Jennifer Nolen
Supervisor for Bad Check Cases

Ruth Jones
Supervisor for Traffic Cases

Carmen Flores
Supervisor for Traffic Cases

Cheryl Astorga
Supervisor for Civil Cases

Chief Clerk:
Sis Woodruff

Sis Woodruff became Chief Clerk in 1997. Ms. Woodruff has now served the Harris County Justice Court 1-2 for over three decades.

Regina Brown became the Assistant Chief Clerk of the Criminal Division in 2013.

Cheneca Tate became the Assistant Chief Clerk of the
Civil Division in June 2014.

Of the thirty clerks in the court, over 87% are Master Certified Justice Court Clerks.