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Caseload Statistics

Caseload Trends for the Criminal Courts

Disposed Cases by Offense Category for the Criminal Courts

Performance Measures

Clearance Rate for the Criminal Courts

Time to Disposition for the Criminal Courts

Age of Caseload for the Criminal Courts

Note: The reports for caseload statistics and performance measures are updated monthly.

Research Studies

DWI Recidivism Studies for the Criminal Courts

Pretrial Detention Study for the Criminal Courts

(updated August, 2008)

Papers and Presentations

Performance-Based Criminal Case Processing

Data Quality Management for Courts

Reconsidering CourTools Measure #6: Reliability and Integrity of Case Files

Court Management and Analytics: NCSC Court Solutions 2008

Technical Introduction to the Harris County Justice Data Warehouse

Technical Support for the DWI (SOBER) Court

Texas Bar Association Task Force Report on Court Administration

Information Resources for Courts

Texas Courts Online

Texas Courts Online -- Judicial Information Program

National Center for State Courts (NCSC)

NCSC Court Statistics Project

NCSC CourTools Project

National Association for Court Management

Conference of State Court Administrators

Dept. of Justice -- Bureau of Justice Statistics

Office of Justice Programs

Forum on the Advancement of Court Technology (FACT)

The National Consortium forJustice Information and Statistics (SEARCH)